The Dog's Prayer

My dear master, to thee I pray

I do not expect more than you can give

Grant me only the comforts you can afford.

This I promise you, my master and friend

that I will never quarrel or argue with you,

never say unkind things nor point out your faults to you and,

most of all, never be disloyal or unfaithful to you.

Though others may desert you and the cares

of the world weigh heavily upon you, though

you may have poverty or prosperity, though

there be sickness or health, I shall remain

your obedient servant and friend.

When danger is present I wish to be near to

protect you, sounding the alarm against

unwelcome intruders at your dog.  And, if need

be, guard you and your possessions with my life.

Dear master, because I am a domesticated creature,

I need to be protected against the harsh elements of weather,

and I pray you to daily provide enough nutritious

food and fresh water to sustain my well being.

Protect me I pray, from humans who do cruel and

inhuman things to me.  I cannot understand why some

of your fellow creatures are so unkind, and thus so unlike you.

I pray you will take care of me if I am ill or wounded,

for I also feel pain and have only you to depend on

to see that I am tended by loving competent hands.

As I grow older and my senses fail me, when the

infirmities of my later years become too great to

bear, please be kind, and help me gently in my

pain or passing for I have served you well.

HEAR THIS PRAYER, MY DEAR MASTER,  My fate depends on you.

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