Some Photos of our Puppies from over the years -  Enjoy 

Boxer Puppies Give The Best Kisses


One singleton puppy      -            (from 19 year old frozen semen)

 Two litter Brothers

               Codie with her 9 big babies

hungry puppies eating 

Boxers with the cat - peacefully sleeping 

Donovan telling Phoebe "This is MINE" 

         Proud Holli standing her Stacie

Two litter sisters 

Contented puppies sleeping 

sweet little bitch 

Boxers playing in the Sand 

Reid at nearly 7 weeks 


Betty & Merv Parker

42 Lancaster Street,   Palmerston North

New Zealand  

  Phone   +64 6 355 9126  


Krystal with puppies 

Lexi with babies 

    Tabitha enjoying  some of her babies 


 different litter - still hungry puppies

Marley with pacifier

Boxer being terrorised by Lhasa Apso puppy 


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